USC Supply Chain Excellence Awards 2017 Recipients

Women’s Leadership in Supply Chain

Presented by MSC

The Women’s Leadership in Supply Chain Award recognizes women in supply chain roles who demonstrate outstanding leadership and pave the way for aspiring young female professionals as a pioneer in the supply chain space.

*Pictured above is Laura Duke, who accepted the award on Laura Crowe’s behalf


Laura Crowe

Director, Global Logistics, Walmart

Supply Chain Digital Transformation

Presented by USC and EY

The Supply Chain Digital Transformation Award recognizes organizations that leverage digital technology to disrupt and improve supply chain performance.




Troy Hicks

Vice President of Global Supply Chain, Herbalife

3PL Excellence

Presented by USC, Port of Los Angeles, and Port of Long Beach

The 3PL Excellence Award recognizes organizations that provide exceptional value as a third party logistics provider through customer service, reliability, and industry expertise.




Carlton Ruesch

District Manager, Expeditors