The Supply Chain Digital Transformation Hackathon, held by USC’s Marshall School of Business Center for Global Supply Chain Management, leads to innovative prototype applications that can address crucial problems facing America’s shippers and supply chains.

At this year’s Hackathon, held on August 5 and 6, 16 teams competed to design innovative data-sharing and IT solutions to the two business problems described below.

At the 2017 Global Supply Chain Excellence Summit on August 9, U.S. business and supply chain leaders will choose the winners of this year’s competition.  As Summit participants, you will be able to help promote the industry development of technologies that resolve these problems and can improve your bottom line.  These prototypes included:

  • An automated mobile trucking appointment system that uses algorithms to match terminal operators, drivers, and loads, while optimizing dual moves. Download here
  • An application that integrates shipper enterprise resource planning with warehouse management systems, using machine learning to translate shipper-warehouse data and improve communication. Download here
  • An optimized, AI-based trucking appointment system that facilitates dual transactions, helps balance port traffic, improves container stacking and yard use, and allows real-time visualization of key performance indicators. Download here
  • A digital tool that recognizes and memorizes patterns in shipper and warehouse data to achieve near-immediate new customer integration into ERP and WMS systems. Download here

The Hackathon, held annually by the Center, brings together practitioners, experts, and USC supply chain and technology students over a 24-hour period to develop solutions to business problems that impact supply chain and port efficiency and impede the global competitiveness of U.S. supply chains.

The prototypes developed at each Hackathon are designed to be shared with America’s supply chain stakeholders and IT sector, to promote the market availability of data-sharing technologies that improve the bottom line for America’s supply chain stakeholders and facilitate our flow of freight and trade.

The Hackathon also helps the Center educate and develop the supply chain and technology workforce that is crucial to the success of America’s manufactu