Scott Penberthy

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Scott is a Technical Director in the Office of the CTO, a new group at Google dedicated to helping customers thrive in an AI-first world.  Scott keeps one foot in the labs of Silicon Valley, the other in Wall Street and board rooms.  He’s convinced that advances in AI and cloud computing will have a dramatic, positive impact on how we work and govern.  Scott’s job is to accelerate that change with the vast resources of Google, one company, one government, one student at a time.

Prior to this role Scott was Managing Director in the CEO’s office of PwC, leading a transformation of PwC’s technology from on-premise, waterfall computing to public cloud with devops.  Scott has many raucous stories from selling public cloud amid the Snowden scandal; coordinating leaders across Europe, Asia and the Americas; debating regulation bodies and lawyers; aligning vendors, clients and partners on a common mission; and, finally, educating boards and accountants on the wonders of public clouds and AI.  Before that Scott played his hand as CTO at several Web startups after rising from IBM Research to the IBM Chairman’s office in the 90’s.

Scott is a passionate triathlete and a proud father two smart, beautiful daughters.  Outside work, he believes in STEM education and preparing the world for a new blend of human and machines.  Scott is a mentor in Udacity’s Machine Learning and Self-Driving Car NanoDegree programs. He’s an avid reader and loves studying history, economics and the eminent dead.  Scott has a PhD in AI and Computer Science with multiple degrees from MIT and the University of Washington.

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