Agenda for the 6th Annual Global Supply Chain Excellence Summit

August 1, 2018
VIP Dinner

Time: 5pm
Location: TBA

August 2, 2018
Day 1
Time Description Room Location
8:00 AM Networking Breakfast Exhibit Room
8:45 AM Welcome Band Ballroom
8:55 AM Welcome Remarks
9:05 AM Remarks by U.S. Department of Commerce Ballroom
9:30 AM Keynote 1 : FedEx Ballroom
9:55 AM Keynote 2  Ballroom
10:20 AM Awards Presentation 1
10:30 AM Break
10:40 AM Breakout Sessions 1
Breakout A: E-commerce / Retail
Franklin (3rd Floor)
Breakout B: Supply Chain Transformation Forum (4th Floor)
Breakout C: Sustainability Ballroom
12:00 PM Networking Lunch Ballroom
12:50 PM Award Presentation 2 Ballroom
1:00 PM Keynote 3
1:25 PM Plenary Panel: Ports Ballroom
2:15PM Break Ballroom
2:25 PM Breakout Sessions 2
Breakout A: Modern Manufacturing
Franklin (3rd Floor)
Breakout B: Logistics/Transportation
Forum (4th Floor)
Breakout C: Supply Chain Finance Ballroom
3:45 PM Plenary Panel: Blockchain Ballroom
5:00 PM Closing Remarks and Conference Close Ballroom
5:30 PM Alumni Dinner
August 3, 2018
Day 2
Time Description Room Location
8:00 AM Networking Breakfast Exhibit Room
8:50 AM Welcome Ballroom
9:00 AM Keynote 1 Ballroom
9:25 AM Keynote 2: Ed F, Amazon Ballroom
9:50 AM Awards Presentation 3 Ballroom
10:00 AM Break
10:10 AM Breakout Sessions 1
Breakout A: Humanitarian Supply Chains
Franklin (3rd Floor)
Breakout B: Global Outlook
Forum (4th Floor)
Breakout C: Talent Strategy
11:30 AM Networking Lunch Ballroom
12:30 PM Awards Presentation 4 Ballroom
12:40 PM Keynote 3: Rob Allan, IBM Ballroom
1:05 PM Plenary Panel: Disruptive Technology
2:20 PM Break
2:30 PM Breakout Sessions 2
Breakout A: Continuous Improvement OR Women in Supply Chains
Franklin (3rd Floor)
Breakout B:  Risk Management
Forum (4th Floor)
3:50 PM Break
4:00 PM Conference Close and Beginning of INC Ballroom
6:00 PM INC Close Ballroom