Abisola Abidemi

Founder and CEO
Abisola Whiskey


My name is Abisola, and I am the founder and CEO of Abisola Whiskey. I was born in Nigeria, but New York has been my home for the past 20 years. I studied at the University at Albany where I majored in Journalism with a minor in French. My past work experience includes buying, merchandising and market research. I love to read and write and can spend hours with my face in a book, especially if the plot is as exciting as promised.

I created Abisola Whiskey because aside for my love of whiskey, I realized that though the demographics of whiskey drinkers had changed, there was nothing on the shelves to celebrate that. I wanted to create something for the modern-day whiskey drinkers and the overwhelming joy I get when someone who doesn’t enjoy whiskey or hasn’t found one that they enjoyed, taste mine and it becomes their go to.

There have been strict rules in the whiskey industry for years; a specific one is that the longer a whiskey is aged, the better the quality. When creating my whiskey, I wanted to disrupt this notion and did just that with my young whiskey; however, with the blend of bourbon whiskey and malt whiskey, I was able to create something high in quality and smooth tasting.

This journey hasn’t been the easiest. Between having people doubt or mansplain things to me, rejection and just the overall stresses of running a business, there have been many times that I’ve questioned what I’m doing here and if I have what it takes. However, I thank God that I’m here, with a product and brand that I am passionate about and believe in and that hopefully inspires others to disrupt industries and forge their own paths.