Casey Adams

Head of E-commerce Logistics North America


Casey Adams is the Head of E-Commerce Logistics for Maersk North America. He comes from Visible Supply Chain Management, acquired by Maersk in 2021 for its industry-leading shipping and fulfillment solutions. During his time at Visible, he escalated the company’s growth trajectory—increasing market value by 1,000%—all without tapping the well of private equity and with minimal bank funding.

Casey worked as inside counsel at Pro Star (now Visible SCM – A Maersk Company) since 2011 and became President in 2013. Casey has enjoyed helping clients and watching the business grow by keeping his perspective fresh and strategies unique. He appreciates the importance of teamwork, and firmly believes that working collectively has a more substantial impact than going it alone. 

Adams received his Bachelor of Science in economics from Brigham Young University and later his law degree from the University of Utah. Adams, his wife Angela, and their three children reside in Alpine, Utah. Casey is active in philanthropy and athletics through the region. 

Adams has been featured in articles by Forbes, American, Utah Business Magazine, Fox 13 News in Salt Lake City, Utah and more.