Cyrus Hadavi

CEO, Adexa


Dr. Hadavi founded Adexa in 1994. Prior to Adexa he was one of the original team members at i2 technologies involved in many different aspects of the business and fast growth of the company. His involvement with the company helped to position the products and solutions as the premier solution to Fortune 1000 companies. Before joining i2 Technologies, Cyrus was one of the first pioneers of application of Artificial Intelligence to planning problems. His research resulted in implementation of the first generation of planning solutions in a number of Siemens facilities including their semiconductor fabrication lines which is often regarded as the hardest possible planning and scheduling problem. His solution at Siemens resulted in fast development of products, shorter cycle times and much improved customer service. Dr. Hadavi’s experience has been instrumental in many Fortune 1000 companies including Black& Decker, Solectron, Northrop-Grumman, Philips, Toshiba, and Intel. His leadership has expanded Adexa to be one of the top supply chain companies in the world with Fortune 2000 companies in 5 continents. Customers of Adexa range from high tech to textiles and CPG to Aerospace including GM, Boeing, Milliken, AMD, Sanyo, Toshiba, TSMC, Unilever Hindustan, CNH, Arcelor Mittal and Philips.

Dr. Hadavi has also served as Adjunct Professor of Operations Management at Columbia University, where he taught courses on the application of computer science and artificial intelligence to manufacturing. He also performed joint research with a number of faculty members at Columbia University, Wharton School of Management, Loyola University, Clemson University and Max Planck institute in Germany Besides publishing numerous articles and books on supply chain management, manufacturing and e-commerce, Dr. Hadavi is a frequent speaker at many business and academic venues worldwide.