Ignacio Benitez Landa

Director of Business Development
EDS Carriers


Graduated from the University of California, Fresno. BS In Viticulture and Enology. He started with “Vinicola Cardenal” he was the operation director in the winery, distillery, and Vineyards.

Partner, owner of Difrumex a distributing company that supplies Perishables and groceries to the public sector such as hospitals, hotels.

PETROMEXa Transportation company that worked with Pemex in transporting Gasoline and Diesel fuel in Mexico.

Partner and Director of “Empacadora Rancho Verde” a canning plant.

Partner owner of “Intercargo” a logistics company that serves the Mexico, USA, and Canada Companies in their freight needs.

Currently, I am Director of New Projects Development for EDSGROUP that is a carrier company that is opening markets in the USA.