Lloyd E. Wood III

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Textiles, Consumer Goods, and Materials, U.S. Department of Commerce


Lloyd Wood was appointed the Deputy Assistant Secretary (DAS) for Textiles, Consumer Goods, and Materials (TCGM) in February 2019.  As DAS, he programs and strategies to designed to boost U.S. jobs and exports by improving the global competitiveness of a wide range of U.S. manufacturing industries, including textiles, apparel, footwear, travel products, consumer goods, chemicals, metals, building products, and forest products.

Wood leads a staff of industry trade specialists and economists who:

  • provide market intelligence and data analysis that enables industry and government agencies to make better informed strategic decisions about trade and related business activities
  • work closely with U.S. industries to represent their views in the development of trade policy, as well as for trade agreement negotiations, implementation, and enforcement
  • execute programs that promote U.S. exports by identifying and working to eliminate non-tariff barriers, particularly with respect to regulations, standards and testing


Prior to joining the International Trade Administration, Wood consulted or worked for organizations representing domestic textile interests, including the National Council of Textile Organizations; the U.S. Industrial Fabrics Institute and Narrow Fabrics Institute divisions of the Industrial Fabrics Association International; and the American Manufacturing Trade Action Coalition.