Sascha Peyer

Co-founder, Sensor Transport


Originally from Switzerland, fluent in German, French, and English, Sascha Peyer has over 30 years of experience in global logistics. Before co-founding SensorTransport with fellow logistics entrepreneur, Rob Haney, Peyer lead a successful career at Panalpina and Toll Global Forwarding.

After earning a degree in International Shipping and Logistics from the Graduate School of Business Administration Zurich (GSBA Zurich), he got his start as an apprentice at Panalpina. Panalpina is one of the world’s largest supply chain solution providers, operating on 6 continents and over 100 countries.

With a career at Panalpina spanning over 26 years, Peyer experienced all the facets and operations of a global supply chain. He has witnessed every evolution, trends and emerging technology of global logistics since the 90s. Fortune 500 companies have entrusted him with managing their sea, air, and freight imports and exports.

In March 1999 he made the move to California as Import Traffic Manager for Panalpina’s San Francisco Business Unit. Two years after, he rose to Operations Manager of the Los Angeles Business Unit working with air and ocean products, warehousing, overland transportation, and new product development.

Peyer became the VP of Marketing and Sales for Palapina’s West Coast operations in 2002. His affinity for innovation and leadership generated new business on all levels.

In 2006, he took on a new role as VP of Trade Lane Development focusing on business growth in Asia Pacific Regions and North America.

He traded the beaches of Los Angeles for the lights of  New York in 2011 when he began his final role at Panalpina as Senior VP of Sales and Marketing for the US. During this time he was responsible for all sales and marketing activities including field sales, trade lane sales, industry vertical sales, and route development. He implemented new sales processes, standards, and improved customer relationship management.

Peyer retired from Palapina in 2015 and moved his family back to Southern California, where they now reside in Orange County.

Once back in California, he took on an opportunity to work with Toll Global Forwarding (TGF) as their Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. TGF is part of Japan Post Holdings, ranked within the Top 50 of Fortune Global 500 with annual revenue of about $130 billion USD. Peyer stayed in this position for 2 years until 2017 when he set off to dedicate his full time to SensorTransport.

Since being at SensorTransport, Peyer has utilized every bit of his career’s experience and industry acumen. As Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer, he has embraced the ‘startup hustle’ tackling new challenges and instilling his passion for innovation amongst the team. His leadership is backed with a proven track record of team management, business growth, global implementation, and trust.

Q2 of 2019 started with a 60% growth in customer volume thanks, in large part, to commercial operations with Peyer’s leadership.

Startups aren’t for everyone. Experts say startups require only the most passionate, tenacious, and adaptable leaders. But it is the emotional intelligence, self-awareness and social awareness in addition that makes a startup leader great.  You will see these qualities and more in Peyer as SensorTransport continues to grow and innovate the global supply chain.