Lidia Yan

CEO and Co-Founder, Next Trucking

Aljosja Beije

Logistics and Supply Chain Lead
Blocklab Rotterdam

Deep Ghumman

Advisory Services Principal, Ernst & Young

Greg Kessman

President, SupplyPike

Bhaskar Krishnamachari

USC Viterbi Center for Physical and Cyber Systems

Ann McCormick

Chief of Director, Trade and Supply Chain, BAML

James Prewitt

Group Vice President
Product Management at JDA Software

Heather Tomley

Director of Environmental Planning
Port of Long Beach

Jeffrey G. Weiss

Partner, International Trade Group

Andre Simha


Conor Nolan


Daniel M. Krassenstein

Global Supply Chain Director, Procon Pacific

Dr Benjamin Labrot

CEO & Founder of Floating Doctors

Jay Dick

Senior Vice President, Ontario

John Golob

Founder, Winmore

Jon Bostock

Co-Founder and CEO, Truman's

Jon Slangerup

CEO, American Global Logistics

Kelan Raph

CEO and Founder, Optimum Supply Chain Optimization

Marc Neiderer

Managing Director, Svitzer

Michael Paladino

Co-founder, RevUnit

Robin Bhutani

Strategy and Operations Leader - Cisco

Sascha Peyer

Co-founder, Sensor Transport

Vivi Tran Lynch

EVP of Operation, Brandable