Haley Bui

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Haley Bui graduated from the State University of New York in Buffalo with a Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacology.  Shortly after graduation,  she moved to Northern Virginia and began her career in business development and management with C2 Education Company. As a managing director for C2 Education for  6 years, Ms. Bui produced a record-breaking million dollar revenue for the business.
As a spokeswoman for World Health Ambassador (WHA) for the last 5 years, Ms. Bui has been dedicated to the organization’s cause and vision. In a world of many non-profit organizations, WHA stands closest to Ms. Bui’s heart because of the pure dedication and commitment of every volunteer. All volunteers  embarking on medical missions overseas must pay their  own expenses, including flight tickets.  At the administrative level, all volunteers working on  program logistics are unpaid and are motivated purely from the goodness of their hearts. The great reward for this work is knowing that WHA makes the world a better place. It is this unity of belief in helping others regardless of their ethnicity, religion, or political orientation that makes the WHA organization a true ambassador of goodwill.
Knowing that the world is evolving every day in its dependency on technology, Ms. Bui shifted her career in 2017 to the software industry, focusing on application performance monitoring with Arcturus Technologies.  As a millennial, Ms. Bui sees that we are currently at the heart of the digital age, and that in order to excel in today’s society, we need to think with and through new technologies.


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