Maex Ament

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Markus, or Maex as he is known, is Chief Strategy Officer at Taulia, where he is constantly devising strategies to maintain Taulia’s market leadership and innovative thinking. As a Thought Leader in the financial supply chain, Maex brings to the table effective product, sales, and marketing initiatives that are responsible for Taulia’s success and position as the fastest growing company for eInvoicing and supplier financing. Prior to co-founding Taulia, Maex was also a founding member of Ebydos, where he was instrumental in the conception and development of the Invoice Cockpit and Web Cycle solutions, which were eventually sold to ReadSoft in 2006. Maex joined ReadSoft as Chief Technology Officer and served on the board of ReadSoft US as well as ReadSoft’s SAP Labs, and helped grow revenue by more than 70%. Maex began his career developing and deploying payment and banking solutions in the SAP Financials area and also served as an angel investor and advisor in BayBrain/Snappr, a mobile start-up. Maex’s warm, uninhibited personality and his remarkable beard has led him to become the representative face of Taulia. While Maex considers working his biggest hobby, he also enjoys being with his family, traveling, snowboarding, and scuba diving.

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