Chris Allison headshot

Chris Allison

Principal Consultant and Engineer
Explorer Systems and Industry, LLC


An accomplished leader in an international multi-billion-dollar food and beverage company, and now leads a supply chain consulting firm specializing in transitioning to advanced supply chain systems. Experienced at utilizing engineering, science, technology, LSS, and a systems approach to reduce program risk, improve quality, save time and money, and produce and distribute products more safely, cleanly, and efficiently.  Achieved success leading an innovative team of multi-discipline engineers to develop best-in-class machine designs, robot cells, manufacturing facilities, and automated processes that quickly delivered new products.  Developed new consumer products in a creative cross-functional environment that optimized business, engineering, and marketing requirements while maintaining creative product attributes that met consumer’s needs. Experience in operations management manufacturing high-volume and high-quality consumer products in an environment of regulatory and workforce challenges.  An expert in digitization and sustainability with a Master of Science in Global Supply Chain Management from the University of Southern California and a Master of Science in Engineering from Johns Hopkins University.