Emanuel Greisen

Emanuel Greisen

Managing Director


Emanuel Greisen is the Managing Director at PSQR, a Danish track, and trace software company. He is an avid entrepreneur and maverick, who has through his career created and spearheaded several IT-related companies.

With the hands-on experience and knowledge gained from roles as a software engineer, CTO, and COO, Emanuel is well equipped with a technical and managerial toolkit. This toolkit and his passion for technology ensure the success of any IT related project or venture he sets his sights on.

Emanuel has worked with many domains and platforms including marketing, entertainment, investigative intelligence, back-office systems, financial services, and track and trace. He was also responsible for the architecture and development of a SaaS payment system.

Emanuel holds a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Copenhagen University and has recently published a thought leadership piece on a distributed Track and Trace Solution for MDR (Medical Device Regulations) Compliance.