John R Carver

Deputy Executive Director, Los Angeles World Airports


John Carver is a Deputy Executive Director for Los Angeles World Airports and sits on the Executive Committee. LAWA is responsible for the management and operations of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), Van Nuys Airport (VNY) and over 17,000 acres of land holdings in Palmdale. With over 86 million passengers a year, LAX is currently the fourth busiest airport in the world and one of the most prominent air cargo airports in North America.

John currently leads LAWA’s Energy Task Force under a directive to help LAX develop and implement a resiliency strategy to shield the airport and its guests from unforeseen power events, as well as to better meet the airport’s goals for sustainability and deployment of renewable energy. John also chairs a Land Optimization Task Force, responsible for ensuring that every square foot of land at LAX is utilized in a the most strategic manner. Carver currently manages LAWA project teams for a number of public/private sector infrastructure projects in varying stages of development, including the commercial development of the LAX Northside Area which represents one of the largest undeveloped land assemblages in the Silicon Beach area.

John is a native of California and a graduate of the Marshall School of Business Administration at University of Southern California. He is proud to have been appointed in 2019 to the Executive Board of the USC School of Supply Chain Management. He and his wife, Kathy, are avid fly fishing enthusiasts and currently reside in Hermosa Beach, CA.