Mark Jacobs headshot

Dr. Mark Jacobs

Professor and Chair
University of Dayton


Brought success in the Fortune 500 environment of IBM to the small business context. Reporting to the board of directors at JL Analytical Services, I created and led the implementation of strategy. The result was a 500% increase in revenue and corresponding gain in reputation of the firm. These gains were both organic and inorganic and augmented by new service development. Furthermore, I identified and led operational improvement initiatives that improved safety, productivity, service performance, and overall firm profitability.

While at CGE&Y I brought expertise to clients in procurement operations. Specifically, I led strategic sourcing initiatives, took plants through e-procurement adoptions, and engaged in the management of change. My performance resulted in being appointed to the leadership team tasked with developing and growing the product lifecycle management practice.

Since entering the academic setting, my extensive corporate experience has informed my research. My focus is on how product / portfolio complexity, complexity management strategies, and supply chain integration impact organizations. Insights into these critical areas of business have enabled me to help several Fortune 500 companies.

My desire is to help companies large and small become more successful through better product and portfolio design decisions, enhanced operational effectiveness, and leveraging trading partners. I also have a particular desire to leverage my experience growing and leading a closely held business to help other such businesses navigate the unique challenges they face.