Ned Tomasevic

Ned Tomasevic

Business Sector Industry Lead


Since 2015, Ned Tomasevic has been CEO of Reusability, a leading provider of sustainable supply chain solutions, shepherding the company from a service largely focused on the life goods industry to a partner for companies across the manufacturing spectrum. For nearly two decades, Ned’s career has spanned the worlds of banking, consulting, and private equity, including a number of entrepreneurial ventures.

An avid outdoorsman, Ned witnessed firsthand the ecological impact human-generated waste has on the natural landscape — something that deeply impacted him and sparked his interest in sustainability. Waiting on the sideline was not an option, so he sought to combine the skills he gained in his corporate life with his desire to help the environment, which led him to his work with Reusability. 

He reshaped the company with the goal of eliminating disposable waste and bringing cost savings to companies in the process. Together, he believes, we can create a meaningful impact that lasts for generations.