Nick Vyas

Executive Director
Randall R. Kendrick Global Supply Chain Institute
USC Marshall School of Business


Nick Vyas is a nationally recognized expert in Global Supply Chain and Lean Six Sigma application with practical and academic knowledge. He has run global supply chain for fortune 50 companies with proven results and robust transformation. He is a master black belt who is passionate about the continuous improvement in a holistic manner. He currently is leading efforts at USC Marshall School of Business in the area of Global Supply Chain. He also teaches hands on Supply Chain Management and Lean Six Sigma courses at Cal Poly Pomona to mid/senior level executives from various industries such as Retail, Health Care, Government Service, Manufacturing, and nonprofit organizations. Along with his passion for LSS, Mr. Vyas has helped Fortune 50 to 100 companies achieve outstanding results in the area of distribution, operations, and transportation across various industry sectors. His expertise covers End to End (E2E) Supply Chain, process design-redesign and driving efficiency.