Lidia Yan

CEO and Co-Founder, Next Trucking


Lidia Yan is Co-founder and CEO at NEXT, where she oversees the company’s vision and growth strategies. With a background in logistics and ecommerce in the U.S. and China, Lidia recognized a market need for a simpler, technology-enabled marketplace to match freight with capacity. In 2015, she founded NEXT as the first trucker-centric app and marketplace. Since then, she has led the company to 5x revenue growth, 300+ employees, 16K+ carriers, and $125M in funding. NEXT was recognized as one of Forbes’ 2019 Next BIllion-Dollar Startups, and Lidia has been a finalist for EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year and awarded a Stevie Award for Startup of the Year. 

Prior to founding NEXT, Lidia was a marketing executive at top 10 e-commerce retailer, Newegg.